Listing guideline when selling a project
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SideProjectors does not accept the following types of projects
  • Concepts and ideas
  • Templates
  • Belonging to someone else
  • Projects which are reskinned from another project for sale
  • Scraped data or databases where users have not agreed to the sale of their data
  • Licensing of digital IP (you cannot sell more than one version of the IP)
  • Projects that are related to sports betting and gambling
  • Business products, individual product sold from a business or a service provider
  • Projects which contain adult, political, religious or offensive content
  • Projects that are related to malware, spyware or similar software and scripts
  • Projects that infringe on someone else IP right
When submitting a project listing, please ensure that the listing is complete to be approved quickly during moderation.
  • Answer all the questions on the listing form accurately and concisely
  • Check that you have submitted the most recent and correct information
  • Provide metrics on revenue, web traffic, users or downloads if applicable
  • Provide high-quality images that reflect the current status of your project
  • Check your grammar and spelling is correct
All listings are reviewed and may be rejected for the following reasons:
  • The listing has poor spelling and grammar
  • The listing is not English
  • The listing lacks details
  • The listing image quality is poor
  • The asset itself is poor quality
  • The listing violates our terms
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