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Welcome to SideProjectors. Born out of a local hackathon in 2013, SideProjectors is a community of people who are passionate about building and working on side projects - online businesses, SaaS products, developer projects, online shops, blogs etc. Largely, we are :
💸 A marketplace for selling & buying
If you have a side project and you are no longer working on it and wish to sell it, you can post it on SideProjectors for other people to buy. SideProjectors is free. There is no cost to submitting a project and we do not take any commission when a project is successfully sold. Please refer to our Submitting a project for sale to get started.
🤝 A place to find a co-founder / collaborator for your project
If you have a side project and looking for a co-founder or a collaborator, you can post your project on SideProjectors for other people to join. Please refer to our Seeking a Co-Founder Guide to get started.
🤩 A place to showcase your project
If you have a side project that you want to showcase to other people, you can submit it on SideProjectors to receive feedback and discuss with others on your project. It's a great way to get early feedback and validation.
Whether you're selling, buying, seeking a co-founder or show off your latest side project, we want to make sure that each step of your experience is error-free, safe and efficient.
Want to get in touch with us? We love hearing from you. You can email us at any time at [email protected] or send us a tweet via @sideprojectors. Please do read through the documentation available here so you can get the most out of SideProjectors and hopefully we will see your project posted here soon.
Thanks again for your time and look forward to connecting with you.
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