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We understand that one of the difficult aspects of working on a side project is to find the right audience to try out your project and converting them to users. If you have a project, SideProjectors also allows you to submit it as a Showcase project. We're a community of developers, entrepreneurs, people of business & marketing background, so you will be targeting an early adopter demographic who can provide you with that early feedback that you need.
Submitting a showcase project works similarly to Submitting a project for sale and Submitting a project for co-founder. Please fill out all the information you can, so your project has a good chance of being approved by our moderators.
Engage with users who ask questions and provide you with feedback. All messages exchanged are available via your SideProjectors Inbox with email notifications sent out.
If you're showcasing, but open to a sales discussion with potential buyers who are really interested, you can select Yes to the question Are you open to discussing a sale of this project if conditions are met? in the submission form. This requires no other information, but allows you to keep an option open to not just showcase, but allows users who are really interested in your project to start a conversation.
Lastly, if you would like to sell your showcase project later on, you can easily do that by clicking on Sell this project button on the project page.
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