Non-Disclosure Agreement
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SideProjectors does not and will not provide any legal advice or legal service when you are selling or purchasing projects listed on SideProjectors. As outlined in the seller's guide, SideProjectors acts as a platform for listing projects and people to connect. The actual process of sales is done outside of SideProjectors. The following Non-Disclosure Agreement document is a template and template only. Please use it as a reference at your own risk. If you require professional legal advice, you must seek a lawyer.
A Non-disclosure Agreement is a form that is used to protect the confidential and proprietary information of an individual, or of individuals, seeking to sell their property - in this case, projects listed on SideProjectors.
In the case of such an agreement, the Confidential Information can include, but is not limited to, any source code, software products, business plans, or analytical data that has not been made public. The sensitive nature of the function and purpose of software prior to being made public makes software development NDAs commonplace, with most companies insisting they be put in place prior to the start of any business relationship. It is recommended that each party consult an attorney to ensure that the agreement they are entering into protects their intellectual property in the fullest in order to limit the potential damages caused by misappropriation.
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